Candle Care Procedure and Guidelines

Airy Acres Soy Scents LLC is a company in Mifflinburg Pennsylvania that specializes in producing handcrafted soy candles. We created this comprehensive guide to help our customers preserve the quality and extend the longevity of our products.

To get the most out of purchases, we recommend following these steps:

  • Before lighting your candles, trim the wick to 1/4". Make sure to do this step each time you light your candle. This ensures that the pool of wax reaches the full diameter of the product, allowing the candle to burn longer and preventing it from creating smoke.
  • Light your candles for one hour per diametrical inch. This sets the candles "memory" to burn until it reaches the edge of the product. Thus, when you light it in the future, it will "remember" to burn until that specific point.
  • If you spill your soy wax, don't panic. With some soap and warm water, you can clean up the mess in a snap.